Providence Early 
Learning Center

                          Our goal is not to serve every child 
                                           ...but to serve each child.

We have six classrooms in the main portion of our school with the ability to expand further in to the church's Mills Building should the need arise.

All but one of the main rooms is certified for infants.   This allows us to switch classroom set ups as needed to accommodate each developmental group at any given time.  Kids tend to run in clusters (happens in big school, too, for example the 3rd grade class at the elementary school may have the most number of students,)  and our ability to be flexible in instrumental is aiding with relationship-based care.  

Tuition Rates

Registration, Activity, and Supplies Fee: $150 Initial with $100 due each October

Full Time for 0-3 Years: $675/mo
($169 per week if paid weekly)

Full Time for 3-5 Years: $625/mo
($157 per week if paid weekly)

Drop In Rate: $50/day

20% Sibling Discount

Online Payment System - 
Visa, MC, and Direct Deposit

Part Time Rates Vary- Please Call or Email with your needs.