Providence Early 
Learning Center

                          Our goal is not to serve every child 
                                           ...but to serve each child.


 Providence Early Learning Center is the only fully licensed faith based center on Hilton Head serving infants and toddlers. 

 As required by South Carolina's ABC Quality Enhancement all our lead teachers have advanced training in early childhood education.   Our Infant and Toddler  teachers complete a year long training through the Medical University of South Carolina Programs for Infant and Toddler Care  Our  director is a trainer with the South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development 

We provide year around care, only closing for eight holidays per year.  

There are 2 additional staff development days  that we are closed to allow our staff to attend regional and state conferences.  We are members of South Eastern Early Childhood Education Association and comply with the National Association for the Education of Young Children's Code of Ethics. 

 We are Breast Feeding Friendly with private areas to allow moms to nurse her babies. We are trained and equipped in the the proper storage and handling of expressed milk.  

Our program focus is relationship based care which has six distinct components.

  • Continuity of Care:   The same caregiver or caregiving team remains with the child throughout the first 3 years.   This allows the child a secure base of trust and attachment.
  • Small Group Size:  While costly, lower ratios insure that children are getting the individualized care they need and deserve. 
  • Cultural Responsiveness: We support the values and child rearing practices of the family.  Diversity is valued. 
  • Inclusion. All children have a right to belong. Including children of varying abilities benefits typical children and their families too. 
  • Individualized Care: Each child is unique and we value each child's temperament, interests and relational style.
  • Primary Care: Each child and their family develops a very special bond with a caregiver who is responsible for providing or overseeing every aspect of their routine and their care.  These bonds are allowed to develop naturally making for a "good fit"

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 Initial registration             $150.00

 Annual activity fee 

 $100 due each October

Full Time for 0-3 Years: 
$175 weekly

Full Time for 3-5 Years: 
$160  weekly 

Drop In Rate: $50/day
Drop in care is dependent on  space available. Our ratios are the lowest on Hilton Head so we are limited especially with children under 3.

$145.00  for a sibling 
when both enrolled in the school

We Use Tuition Express, an online payment system so that you can use automatic withdrawal, MasterCard 
and Visa 

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